AppoTech Made Debut at the Anhembi in Sao Paulo
The FIEE Electronica 2017 was held at the Anhembi in Sao Paulo on 25 July. AppoTech made its debut with the exhibitors of Zhuhai City. In this exhibition, the solutions of Bluetooth, video and audio from AppoTech were highly praised by the guests and customers. Many have left their contact information and hoped to purchase and develop domestic business in Brazil. We gained a better understanding of the Brazilian consumer electronics market with this opportunity to visit the local chambers of commerce. In Brazil, most of electrics products are imported due to the backward development of manufacturing. Many Brazilian traders are more willing to import products from China not only because of its quality and performance improvement but also because of its reasonable prices. 

The productivity in Brazil is extremely limited due to the superior welfare that leads to relatively short working hours. However, Brazil's domestic consumption level is almost doubled as to China, so importing goods from China would create greater business opportunities due to similar stages of development between China and Brazil. The long-term friendship has brought many Chinese enterprises to Brazil during recent years while hundreds of enterprises came to China for seeking opportunities for cooperation. Brazil, as one of the BRIC countries, welcomes Chinese entrepreneurs to Brazil for investments. The CCIBC also expressed willingness to find potential partners in Brazil for AppoTech's technology solutions and strengthen economic and trade cooperation and promote common development.
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